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ALPHA CEN is committed to the success of your Performance Management Projects.


MyABCM is a complete solution dedicated to the optimization of financial performance and the analytical calculation according to the ABC method to collect, model, analyse, simulate your cost data.

MYABCM allows you to have the best features for this domain: user-friendliness, high performance calculator, OLAP analysis cube, Web survey, mobility offer (smartphones and tablets) .


Prophix is a multi-user package of performance management, used to create and manage business models. Prophix uses Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft Analysis Services databases. The latter are able to create multi-dimensional and scalable databases.

Among the strengths of Prophix, its ability to analyze data from several perspectives easily. Thus, it is able to explore a large amount of data in order to identify the most relevant information.

A wide variety of analyses is possible tailored to the needs of the users according to the scenarios.

It allows a real decision support tool.

Prophix covers a list of managerial and financial applications which mainly concern:

  • Modeling
  • Budgeting and planning
  • Advanced planning
  • Forecast
  • Sales performance management
  • Consolidations and assignments
  • Reports
  • Analysis and views

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