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Management of financial performance

Together, we build financial management information systems, and we partner you on your corporate performance follow-up and management.

With ALPHA CEN, you will be endowed with financial control information systems in line with your strategy, and we are committed to supporting you in a follow-up approach. By defining key indicators and processes, forecasting and measuring financial performance related to operational activities. We assure you of the implementation of complete management of the operational consultancy and the business assistance, the integration solution, and the management of the change and the application maintenance.

The ALPHA CEN team, a multidisciplinary team, federating experienced functional consultants, analytical accounting skills mastering financial repositories, financial management controllers, and operational as well as expert solutions within a highly professional framework, offers you high-quality service in terms of your financial management productivity thanks to our solutions based on the most flagship technologies on the market and best suited to your business and the contributions of our network of market-leading partners.

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Our service offerings

Our customers benefit from:

  • Document and structure all your financial management processes and industrializing your reporting and dashboard production,
  • Conduct forecasts based on more accurate and more regular projections,
  • Measure the financial impacts that can have different parameters of the operational units,
  • Increase the productivity of your teams by focusing on analysis at the expense of data consolidation,
  • Improve the decision-making process by using the relevance of indicators for controlling financial performance.
Our service offerings

Our Businesses:

  • Scoping your needs: a translation into projects and processes.
  • Modeling: the design of sustainable and scalable models, reliable and utilizable by your teams.
  • Implementing: the implementation of your projects related to the finance business.
  • Deploying: the design of models corresponding to various contexts (International, das, sectors,activities…).
  • Partnering: the operational assistance of your finance teams.
  • Training: The engagement of users to the projects and management rules through our strategies of driving change.
  • Auditing: Analyzing the existing systems and suggesting ways of improvement.
  • Maintenance of solutions: maintaining a good performance taking into account perpetual changes and varying contexts (new issues and new management rules.)
Budgeting and planning

Continuously collaborative budgeting and planning process, populated by unfailingly up-to-date data, making for a more reliable budget.

Management of profitability

Implementing detailed cost analysis and a margin management system, populating the analytical profi

Management reporting

Producing high-quality management reports, detailed and standard-compliant, within shorter timeframes and more often.

What are your business needs?

Contact our experts to talk about your Operational Management projects.

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