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Business Performance

Whether you are a CEO or an Executive Manager, ALPHA CEN helps you evaluate the effectiveness of your processes and results.

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General Management

For a CEO, optimizing the overall performance is more complex than maximizing a department-s performance. ALPHA CEN offers the best solutions for evaluating, measuring, and managing resources and means, namely:

  • The balanced scorecard (BSC) : The balanced scorecard is a strategic management performance solution used to identify and improve various internal business departments and their resulting external goals.
  • Activity-Based Management (ABM) solutions: ABM identifies and evaluates activities that an organization performs, using Activity-Based Costing to carry out a value chain analysis or a re-engineering initiative to improve strategic and operational decisions.
  • Management reporting: Companies must produce high-quality financial reporting that is standard-compliant and detailed, within tighter timeframes and more often, to meet shareholders and management-s needs.
  • The information system: will help the CEO make the right decisions by providing accurate and up-to-date information and performing analytic functions.
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Our service offerings

HR Management

ALPHA CEN helps you with the design and implementation of HR performance solutions, such as:

  • Humain Ressource performance management
  • Strategic workforce planning: create and design a process that proactively anticipates current and future hiring needs.
  • Headcount simulation/analysis (Noria effect).
  • Variable compensation/incentive management (modeling of calculations and rules, simulation, and planning of incentives).
  • Urbanization of Human Resource Information System-HRIS (HRIS governance, application declination of HRIS,…).
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Our service offerings

Purchasing Management

The optimization of purchases involves several parts of the supply to the profitability of the products. ALPHA CEN offers an accompaniment in the design to the implementation of solutions dedicated to managing the performance of the purchasing departments, namely:

  • Implementation of purchasing management indicators and knowledge of the supplier/product repository.
  • Supplier management: service quality analysis.
  • Profitability analysis: Product/service.
  • Purchasing process performance management: purchase requisitions, orders, receipts, control of invoices…

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