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Cost Control

A complex reality characterizes cost management, which requires sophisticated functional skills and the deployment of the most intelligent solutions on the market ALPH CEN. It guarantees you the simplification, reliability, and fluidization of this process of managing costs accompanying you in achieving financial excellence.

Our service offerings

Our solutions cover all the needs of Controlling departments:

  • Implementing an Activity-Based Costing/Management projects.
  • Understanding the real cost and profitability factors within your enterprise.
  • Improving margins and inscreasing profitability,
  • Understanding the content of costs by business unit, department, product, region, customer, market, distribution channel,
  • Optimizing the resources,
  • Simulating the impact of the operationnel decisions on costs and profitability.
Our service offerings


  • Improve your processes by determining activities that don’t add value.
  • Manage shared service cost allocations.
  • Understand the impacts of cost and process variations on organizationnel performance.
  • Manage costs, profitability, and controlling expenses.

What are your business needs?

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